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Come check out our ever changing selection of fruit trees, vines, plants
and bushes. When you walk through the nursery, 
you will see one-of-a-kind
espaliered trees and vines, pomegranates, fig, 
grapes and apples. 

Don't miss the three different apple trees twisted to create one. 


Apples Twisted flavors (3 plants in one pot twisted together)

Fig ‘Black Mission’  Twisted flavors

Apple ‘Fuji’ Espalier (fan shape)

Apple ‘Anna’ Espalier (fan shape)

Apple ‘Anna’ Espalier (fan shape)

Apple ‘Anna’ 3 tiers Espalier

Apple ‘Anna’ 3-tiers Espalier

Apricot ‘Katy’ (fan shape)

Apricot ‘Bleinheim 3 tiers Espalier

Fig ‘Black Mission’ Espalier (fan shape)

Pear 3 in one 3 tier Espalier

Pomegranate ‘Angel Red’ Espalier (fan shape)

Pomegranate Twisted Patio tree

Raspberry ‘Camby’ Red Raspberry

Blackberry ‘Ollalie’

Blueberry ‘Misty’

Blueberry ‘Sharp Blue’

Blueberry ‘Southmoon’

Blueberry ‘Sunshine Blue’

Grape California Concord

Grape ‘Muscot’

Grape ‘Lady Fingers’

Grape ‘Ruby Red’